Monday, 25 January 2010


Hello everyone!
I really need to remember to post on this new blog, and get myself out of the Livejournal way of thinking.
I've recently booked a table at the Bristol Comics Convention and have finally once and for all to ressurect the only decent idea I've ever had with regards to writing, and finish it. This time I'm doing it properly. My comics were always done with very little planning and although it made for an organic process, I usually ended up giving up on them or making mistakes in the final pages. So I've been spending any spare time I have roughing thumbnails. Here's a couple of pages of spazzy drawing, I know it's not obvious what's going on as I haven't added dialogue (That usually is the only thing I write as I go, I'm just putting symbols in the speech bubbles now to remind meof what I want the characters to be saying) and the drawings are crap, but I'll keep updating as I go and hopefully soon you should see something half decent.

In other news, I'm continuing to build my unholy army of blue things, another project for the Bristol Con 2010. I want to fill my table with these guys!

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